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Welcome to Rejoice! Reads

Who are we?

We're a mother-daughter team ready seeking to follow the Lord in our efforts to support you on your journey

We often discussed the idea of planning events in Moab but it never became a reality. Then one afternoon the idea of a retreat company that combines tools and empowerment with adventure and sunshine came up. Within a week it was organized and official. Everyone we spoke to said, "we were just talking about doing something like this" and more and more we began to feel that this company was being guided. The timing was an answer to prayer.

Our logo includes the sun because soaking up sunshine is one of Sharon's favorite activities, and waves because water is where Ashly feels the most peaceful and happy. It was a happy accident when we realized that both the Sun and Water are representations of our Savior.

A few months after our first retreat, we felt prompted to create a class specifically for those who are trying to support a loved one who is currently in a relationship with some battling addiction, or who has left their abusive or narcissistic spouse. The class was incredible and clearly guided by the spirit.

Now we're turning our class content into a book and following the Spirit to guide our upcoming retreats and classes.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for encouragement, empowerment, and growth. We hope to fulfill the mission set forth by Russel M. Nelson to "stand out..and be seen as different and distinct in the happiest of ways."

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