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Replenish: Diving Into Relationships and Boundaries in the Book of Mormon

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Drops of Joy!

Rejoice! Recovery podcast featuring quick clip drops taken from our classes. These bite-sized episodes are perfect for a quick pick-me-up!

Sports Analogy for Boundaries

Today's drop comes from the podcast - they had me on to do a special boundaries series. Listen on their site to hear the full episodes!

Join us in, a class taught through, for this drop about how to even begin getting to know yourself a

Join usfor this drop about how to even begin getting to know yourself again after betrayal trauma!

Physical Intimacy

This clip reminds us of the importance of knowing what we envision, what we hope for. Having this goal in mind helps to clarify the steps needed to get to where we want to be.

Boundaries are Really Just about the Spirit

In Men's Marriage Repair we talked about the importance of having the spirit in all of our communications and check in with God.

How Satan Uses a Lack

In this class we talked about feeling a lack of connection in our relationships and the importance of watching for how Satan likes to piggy back on a lack.

How do I know if I can trust my spouse?

Today's drop is about rebuilding trust and looking at my own behaviors to see if I'm showing up as a trustworthy person.

Podcasts we've been on as guests

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Mothers Who Know

8 part boundary series inJuly 2022


Memoirs of an LDS Therapist 

Regularly featured with a clip from class



Rediscovering Yourself After Trauma



Transforming Satan's Lies & Anchoring to God

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Healing with WORTH

My Battle Plan for Betrayal Trauma

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