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Providing opportunities for encouragement, empowerment, and growth.

Striving to fulfill the mission set forth by Russel M. Nelson to "stand out and be seen as different and distinct in the happiest of ways."



  • You're exhausted

  • You feel alone - like no one can understand

  • Your relationship isn't what you were expecting - or you are concerned because something seems off in a loved one's relationship

  • You believe God loves you but lately have been questioning why He led you or a loved one HERE

  • You're TRYING but can't quite find the people who "get it" or "get you"

Welcome! We're the founders of Rejoice! Recovery - Sharon and Ashly. We're glad you're here.


We hope you learn that you aren't alone, find resources for healing, and feel comfortable reaching out if you need more.



"Excellent! Love their energy!  Very engaging! This was super fun way to learn about a hard topic.  Thank you" 



"Great on practical skills! Really creative. Very engaging beginning.  Good information, good presenters." 



"It was such a great talk I especially appreciate you bringing humor to a subject that can feel so heavy and overwhelming. Thank you so much. ❤️❤️❤️"

Event and Speaking
What people are saying about our classes

Bystander Basics

"My mom got so much out of this first class.  She has already had a different conversation with me. One of the things she understood from class is that this might always affect me.  Okay doesn’t mean it doesn’t ever bother me again.  She said she will be more understanding of good days and bad days, give more grace, and understanding of PTSD. That was huge. Thank you for these classes."

Email-in Course

"I’ve been emailing for close to 10 months now. I couldn’t imagine how I would have gotten through the last 10 months without this support. I’ve learned skills - things like boundaries - to improve my relationships. I’ve learned about gaslighting- and that it was happening to me!

Knowing you have someone in your corner, knowing you have that friend who understands, who cares and helps you carry on makes all the difference when you face tough times. 


I am so grateful to Ashly for starting this support group. I’m grateful to know I’m not alone."


Places of Resort

"Thank you for all you are teaching me in the boundary class. I am learning a lot. And i really appreciate your insight."

Preparing Places of Resort - Creating Boundaries for Personal Peace:

A class designed with the best of group work and the best of boundary tutoring combined. Don't miss this chance to connect, find support, and work with your individual boundary needs. Only 10 spots are available! This class is currently running. The next round will begin soon. 

Bystander Basics:

The class for those of you who are supporting a loved one whose marriage has been affected by pornography and sex addiction. This class helps you understand what's happening in the relationship and what you can do to help! 

Marriage Repair:

An important facet of Life-Changing Services, this class takes marriage step-by-step. Throughout the course, you'll learn how to stabilize yourself and anchor in God, identify seasons of relationships, and practice how to make sure each season is the most productive it can be for you and your marriage. 

12-Week Email-In Recovery Class:

A 12-week course that walks you through recovery work on your own schedule. Receive an email each week with work for you to do.

Our classes keep a waitlist for enrollment. Let us know you're interested and we'll get you in as soon as a spot opens up (usually about 2 weeks)

We've got you and will reach out soon!

Individua Sessions

Individual counseling and group coaching sessions

with Ashly Leavitt, ACMHC, CCPS-C

I work with those dealing with addiction, spouses living in betrayal trauma, parents hoping to safeguard their families, marriages seeking to heal after betrayal, and individuals dealing with narcissistic abuse. I would love to walk side-by-side with you and remind you of the tools that God has already created for your peace and safety. Regardless of your situation peace is possible, hope is out there, and the power to overcome has already been promised to you – let me help you find all of these.

Traveling with Headphones
Our Podcasts  -

Introducing Phoenix Forte! Our new podcast all about finding joy and healing during divorce

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Podcasts Ashly has appeared on as a guest

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Mothers Who Know

8 part boundary series 



Rediscovering Yourself After Trauma



Transforming Satan's Lies & Anchoring to God

OIP (1).jpg

Healing with WORTH

My Battle Plan for Betrayal Trauma


Memoirs of an LDS Therapist 

Regularly featured with a clip from class

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Reviews of our book
Open Book.


​​Deep topic handled in a way that is not too overwhelming or heart breaking. I love that the first tool you provide is hope and belief in our Savior as our advocate, healer, and provider of the power (grace) to do what we cannot.​

Outdoor Reading


You describe things in laymen's terms that all can understand.  I haven't heard the terms "upstairs brain" and "downstairs brain" before.
I love the compassion this book shows

Mobile Phone


I think one of the scariest parts of being emotionally troubled is worry that you are not acceptable to God. Seeing Him in the process is crucial because it gives you a way to discern your worth.

Thank you. This has had an impact on me for good.

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