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Boundaries are an important aspect to healthy living, functioning relationships, and creating safety. Although the podcast linked in this post specifically discusses how to implement a boundary in a difficult relationship, the need for boundaries is universal.

I am a betrayal trauma coach with WORTH and one of my specialty topics is boundaries. I've taught two Boundaries classes for WORTH Thrive (one of the support tools offered to members of WORTH). I believe setting and maintaining boundaries is some of the most important work that can be done for self-help and healthy relationships. However, when I was in the middle of the trauma and feeling overwhelmed and confused I didn't have any clue what boundaries were, which to implement, or how to implement them.

Plenty of people were willing to explain the boundaries they were using and how they had implemented them. I read Boundaries by Cloud and Townsend (a great resource). I listened to Rhyll Croshaw (founder of SA Lifeline and author of What Can I Do About Me?) explain what she had done and how she had done it. But with all the resources it was all still so difficult to wrap my mind around. I wished I had someone who could objectively look at what was happening and help me figure out specific boundaries for my situation - not just define the word and give an example.

Because help with my boundary work was something I desperately wanted, I offer Boundary Tutoring. Think of math tutoring, where you bring your actual class assignments and the tutor helps you see what's happening from a new perspective so you are able to confidently conquer the math problem. In my boundary tutoring sessions, you bring your actual situation, what is really happening in your life, and we work through the situations from new perspectives so you can confidently handle the problems.

I try to ensure that we are actively working on your situation from minute 1 to minute 30 so it can be beneficial to have a processing session with your therapist to work out emotions surrounding these difficult situations, prior to a boundary tutoring session (although not required). Boundary Tutoring sessions are solution-focused and my goal is that you find yourself empowered with a clearer perspective of what to do next to help you and your family find safety as soon as possible.

Whether gaining knowledge through the use of important resources or through a session of tutoring with me - boundary work should not be left at the bottom of your priority list. It has the ability to change everything.

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